Establishing a London Office at a Fraction of the Cost

You’ve got a ball park figure of around £200,000 a year. Once you’ve signed the lease, you’ll have to spend time shopping for office furniture and equipment and waiting for the telephone company to install the phone lines and internet connection. When you’re furniture is in place, the electricity is on, the computers are plugged in and the telephones are connected, it’s time to look for a receptionist and or, a secretary. Finally, when everything is in place you’ll be able to start work, after losing one or two months of your valuable time and money.

Save money with cost effective London office space
There is a better way. It’s cost effective, fast and hassle free. Renting London office Space can save you money, time and stress. On average you will save anything between 50% and 70% on the costs of leasing a London office space. Monthly costs vary depending on location, but you can rent a central London serviced office space for around half the cost. Finding an office space you like and paying the deposit and the monthly payments can be completed within days. Once you’ve signed the contract, all you need to do is plug in your computer and start work. You don’t have to worry about the electricity, the phone or setting up the office. A London serviced office space will supply everything you need. Even secretarial and IT support is usually available on a pay as you use basis. Being able to run your business from a good location and in a modern, well maintained building will give your customers a good impression when they visit you.
Central London office space is close to all transport connections and this is important if you have customers coming to see you from different parts of the country, or even abroad. Renting a serviced office London provides a lot more flexibility than a lease. You might start off only renting one desk and a small amount of floor space. If your business expands you can then rent more desks and more floor space, either in the same building or at a different location. That’s the beauty of renting serviced office space in London; you rent what you need with the option of paying for other facilities, such as conference rooms, or more desks and floor space, only when you need them.

There’s no wasted money, resources or time. A London serviced office space is the perfect solution for a growing business at an affordable price.Search for serviced office space in London


Save Money with Serviced Office Space In London

And, the best place to have a business presence is in London. Renting serviced office space in London isn’t as expensive as you might think and it will give your business the edge on your competitors out of town. A serviced office in London can be as little as 400 pounds a month, it depends on the location. Obviously a city address is going to be more expensive than in other parts of London, but the one thing that all serviced offices in London have in common is the central location, close to all transport connections and amenities. These things will be appreciated by your customers, especially if they are visiting from abroad.

Save on Set-Up Costs with Serviced Offices

A London serviced office will save you at least 50% of the set-up costs of a leasehold property. Apart from the lease you need to find the money to set up the utilities, furnish the office and employ a receptionist, or a secretary. A serviced London office already has everything you need in place. You rent the space and the number of desks you require. On top of this you can pay for the use of the photocopier, secretarial and IT support and conference rooms on a pay as you use basis. This means you aren’t shelling out for space you don’t need and administrative support you rarely use. The monthly cost of a serviced office won’t have any hidden extras and you won’t be responsible for maintaining the building, so it’s much easier to budget. Renting a serviced office in London

Also  gives you the flexibility to change locations or expand your office space if necessary, without having to wait until your lease has expired. You simply give the required amount of notice and you are able to move to another London location, or even to a different part of the same building. Renting serviced office space gives you the freedom to pick and choose where you work. Saving money on office equipment, furniture and staff will allow you spend a little bit more on a better location. You will also save yourself a great deal of time. If your rent a London serviced office, once you have paid the deposit and signed the contract you can plug in your computer and your phone and get on with what’s important. Making your business a success.

Contact SkyLine Offices for Serviced Offices Mayfair Serviced Offices Soho, Serviced Offices Knightsbridge

At SkyLine Offices we have a wealth of experience in finding the ideal office space for you and can be contacted on 0203 657 6611. Tell us your requirements and task us to source the most affordable London presence for you and your business.

Central London Offices – Launch your New Company using Serviced Offices

Using Serviced Offices in Central London will not only reduce your start- up costs considerably, but it will also save you a lot of time and allow you to get your business off the ground faster. 

ServicedOffices in Central London are affordable, in great locations and come with everything you need for the office. 

·      Cost – Prices of Serviced Offices vary according to the area of Central London, but you pay on a monthly basis, which means you can budget accordingly. You’ll know exactly what the costs will be each month, without any unpleasant surprises, which is important when you first launch a new business. 

·      Location – Location can improve the reputation of your company, so you should bear this in mind when you look around Serviced Offices in Central London. If you have the type of clients who are impressed by a prestigious address, then get one. Serviced Offices are available in areas like Mayfair, Kensington and the City.

 ·      Convenience – A Serviced Office provides everything you need to start your business. You don’t have to waste time looking for premises, interviewing staff and buying office furniture and supplies. You just plug in your computer, charge up your mobile and you’re ready to go. 

·       Facilities – If you rent an office space within a commercial building there will be a receptionist at a central reception, who is able to pass phone calls on to you and greet clients. All office equipment, apart from computers, is supplied and extra services such as the use of the photocopier or a conference room are available upon payment of a small supplement. Secretarial support can also be contracted if you need some extra help. 

·      Flexibility – If you lease a property you are stuck in that location for the duration of the lease. If your business expands, you might find that you need more space, quickly. 

If you rent a Serviced Office finding more office space isn’t a problem. You can either rent more space in the office you already work from, or, change location altogether, it really is that simple. Renting a Serviced Office in Central London makes business sense. You will have a reputable location in a modern office environment, close to public transport. Prospective clients won’t know how much office space you actually occupy. All they will see is a buzzing office, full of productive people and that’s impressive!

How Virtual Offices Can Help You Gain a London Presence

A virtual office is absolutely essential if you need a London presence, but you either can’t or don’t want to work in London. A Serviced Office London address gives a business the edge in professionalism. Potential clients will see your business as a successful venture and they will have confidence in your abilities and the credibility of your company. There are a lot of advantages to a virtual office:

·      Cuts Overheads – If you aren’t renting office space and you’re working from home, you have made an immediate saving.

·      Cuts Travel Costs – Travelling into London every day can take a big chunk of your budget.

·      Saves Time – You don’t need to factor travelling times into your day and the extra time saved can be used on something more productive.

·      Save money on clothes and shoes – If you work from home you don’t need to dress up every day.  A virtual office with a London address can be rented:

·      At a reasonable price.

·      Without set-up fees or lengthy contracts.

·      With a prestigious London mailing address

·      Mail can be collected or sent on to you.

·      Conference rooms can be booked in advance at your mailing address if you need one.

·      Telephone reception service – For a small additional cost a receptionist will answer the phone using your business name, adding to the perception of real office space. Take your pick from virtual offices in:

·      Mayfair – One of the top five London locations and an area well used by global corporations and large companies. Serviced Office Mayfair is a prestigious address to have on your business cards.  

·      Regent Street – In the heart of the West End Regent Street is home to a multitude of shops and businesses, including the BBC. It is well served by public transport and the nearest tube station is Oxford Circus. 

·      Canary Wharf – In the Borough of Tower Hamlets, Canary Wharf is a centre for financial corporations and many major banks have their headquarters here.  It is a major business area and close to London City Airport.  

·      Knightsbridge – Another prestigious address, Serviced office Knightsbridge has some of the highest property prices in London.  It is home to Harrods and Harvey Nichols and Coutts Bank. If you want a high profile address then look no further!  

 Virtual Office Companies in London provide a professional service at all times to ensure the smooth running of your virtual office. They are available throughout the London area and in some of the best locations on the map.

Collaborate better and save time using Trezi

Collaboration is the key to successfully delivering projects in any industry, and it matters all the more in industries such as Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) which are fragmented, and where there are a number of stakeholders involved. Better collaboration not only reduces the time taken for projects but also reduces errors and result in significant cost savings to help bring the vision of the client closer to reality, faster.

And in the AEC industry, efficient collaboration between the client and all other stakeholders is critical to reducing iterations to manifest designs into physical form with minimal errors.

There are several issues that the industry faces where better collaboration is required. To understand in detail, we studied several projects to gain a better understanding of the issues. Here are the key pain-points we address with Trezi:


One of the key issues that adversely impact a fabulous design experience is a lack of understanding of the common project goals for which the participants are collaborating. In the case of architecture and interior design, consensual visualization and understanding of the design by clients and other stakeholders is the first step.

Earlier, architects and interior designers used 2D floor plans and 3D rendering softwares as the predominant medium for showing and communicating their designs to their clients. Since these had limited capabilities to showcase details, it resulted in multiple discrepancies in terms of the client’s understanding of the design intent and vision, scale, volume, proportion, lighting of the space and what the architect really intended to convey. While architects/designers/creators have a clear idea in their mind of what their design will look and feel like, they could not communicate this clearly to other stakeholders. Scale models and 2D drawings did not communicate this design intent and communication was flawed, leading to confusion and errors.

The number of iterations were numerous, and clients requested changes based on their limited understanding of the design from  2D plans and static renders. Architects and designers had to return to the drawing board and make changes in their authoring software of choice, and then go back to their 3D rendering software to recreate the renders, not once but again and again, thus increasing the design closure time. This impacted costs too. One of the main reasons we set out to create Trezi was to improve the process of visualization of design and thereby improve the understanding of the design that is at the heart of collaboration on the building project. Trezi uses the immersive and to-scale experience of virtual reality to perform real-time VR rendering and accommodate changes to the design at the click of a button.

This not only provides a new way for clients and other stakeholders such as MEP consultants and contractors to better understand the design before anything has been built, but also for architects/designers and their clients to finalize the design with far fewer iterations. This results in a significant saving of time and costs. What used to take several days is now instantaneous, thanks to Trei.

The ability to fully understand the design and participate in the design process through virtual reality architectural walkthroughs has also empowered clients and helped them “fall in love” with their home/office at an early stage in the project. This has resulted in clients’ greater willingness to pay, faster design closure and execution leading to improved satisfaction with what they receive at the end of the project.


In our previous post, we spoke about the traditional planning process. Usually, the process starts with 2D plans, 3D static renders or predefined timed walkthroughs that offer no control to the user/ client. Upon receiving the base build drawings, the interior designer does the space planning and puts together the overall look and feel. Once the layouts are frozen and this look is approved, the process of specification and product selection commences, detailed design and tender/construction drawings are done and then the build phase kicks off. While some companies only do build or design, some do both.

With each phase in the process of project delivery, the need for collaboration grows. Current methods do not facilitate effective collaboration as different stakeholders end up working with different versions of layouts and documents. It is nearly impossible to track which version a particular project stakeholder is working on. This results in errors in the order and planning which leads to undesirable and avoidable cost impact.

Collaboration issues don’t happen only in the design phase, they also happen in the construction phase. But it is more costly in terms of money and time for all the stakeholders when an issue is discovered in the construction phase. We noticed that using virtual reality in construction could solve these problems.

Trezi helps all stakeholders collaborate in real-time. Using the power of immersive technology, we envision all stakeholders referring to updated virtual models at any given point in time. The beauty of Trezi is that it is part of every stakeholders’ workflow, which ensures that everyone is working with the same model at the same time.

Interaction and Coordination with Building Product Manufacturers

Traditionally, building product manufacturers and suppliers have reached out to design and architecture firms through a tedious and expensive process of marketing that includes preparing, stocking and distributing samples and catalogs which regularly became outdated with the introduction of new product lines, creating multiple physical mockups, and organizing lunch-and-learn sessions at their premises to showcase their products to architects and designers. This process has always led to considerable wastage in time and costs, as well as the loss of additional revenue opportunities.

With Trezi, we wanted to reduce wastage and time spent in the entire process of building product selection by enabling product manufacturers and suppliers to display their products in VR-ready catalogs made available within Trezi. Architects and designers can now browse through these products, choose the product(s) that they want to work with and insert them directly in the design. This is a very important point since, until now, the manufacturer/ supplier could show the 3D model of the product in isolation or in an extruded model. With Trezi, they can insert the VR model of the product in the architects’ designed environment and all stakeholders can understand the option in an immersive manner. While this is still a work in progress in Trezi, we have made strides and the collaboration between stakeholders has definitely improved for architects and suppliers already using Trezi.

Experiencing the Volume

Architects and designers have been firm believers of the physical model to get a ‘physical’ sense of volume and understand it better. Physical architecture models are still relevant because of the level of understanding they bring – and Trezi takes this experience a step further. Trezi allows the architect and designer to be physically present within the volume and experience it in full-scale. Not just that, Trezi allows the architect to even see what kind of light the built form allows at different times of the day.

Architects and designers have for long said, “I wish I could be physically present inside the space being developed.” With Trezi, that wish comes true – for the designer, the client and even the product supplier. Experiencing the volume and placing building products in it helps architects and designers collaborate far more effectively with product suppliers than the current methods of physical mockups.

With Trezi, all it takes is a single click to convert your models on Revit, FBX or Sketchup to VR. Using compatible HMDs such as the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift, a user can then take a virtual tour without much ado.

Single Version of Truth

We envision Trezi as the collaborative architecture software platform where architects, engineering services consultants, contractors, product manufacturers and clients could work on a single model simultaneously through a virtual meeting platform for AEC. We firmly believe a single version of the truth can solve a multitude of complications that have been arising out of ineffective collaboration. Architects can also be better storytellers with Trezi acting as a platform that helps them portray their vision clearly.

We now aim to take the entire process of design to the cloud where people can make changes instantaneously and there are no discrepancies between what the senior designer instructs and junior designer delivers.

To conclude, we are working on creating a world-class product that aims to resolve a number of collaboration issues that have plagued the AEC industry until now. Utilizing virtual reality, Trezi helps communicate design better. If you are a designer, an architect or anyone in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction industry, do visit Trezi and download it today.

We also have a free trial so that you can explore and give us feedback on it. Email us at if you need help with anything and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


But, there are a hundred other things to do first, which will take up your valuable time and your resources. Firstly you will have to find premises, and office space in London tailored to your exact needs won’t be easy to find. If you do find somewhere, you then have to wait for the Lease to be signed before you can move in and after that there’s the office furniture, utilities and broadband connection to organise. But, there is a way to avoid all this hassle and get on with your job straightaway, and that is to look for London office space to rent, instead of leasing.Why rent London desk space? 

 Renting a London desk space has numerous advantages: • Prestige – A Central London address will give your business recognition, which is vital when you’re starting out. Working from home, or from a unit in the middle of nowhere without public transport connections won’t impress your customers. London office space is near to rail, road and air connections, which is vital if you have customers from abroad. • Flexibility – If you want a London address, you’ll need the money for the Lease, and then you have to make sure that you find the right premises. It’s no good signing a five a year lease, and then a year down the line realising that there’s not enough office space, or you’re in the wrong part of London

Central London office spaces may not be as cheap as other locations, but you can rent them on a monthly basis and that gives you the flexibility to move away when you need to expand, or maybe look for London desk space for rent in another area.  • Costs – Paying for your London office space on a monthly basis means that you can keep control of your budget and you know you won’t have any unforeseen expenses, like repairs to the photocopier, or hiring a venue for a conference. This is because you can rent a serviced London office space, which will include use of office equipment and facilities. • Immediate start-up – If you choose to rent serviced London office space, all you need to do is pay the monthly rent, charge up your mobile and plug in your computer. You can focus entirely on what is important – your business. •

Contacts and Networking – The other advantage of renting desk space, is that you when you get to know the other people working around you, it might lead to valuable contacts and networking opportunities. There are plenty of office or desk spaces to rent, both in Central London,Serviced Offices Bank and nearby. Don’t work from home, get yourself out there.Search for London Rental desk space

Now!Skyline Offices can search throughout London finding you the most perfect office rental space for your business, whether it’s well established or a start-up business.

The Growth Of Serviced Offices

The Way Business will Work in the Future

The demand for Serviced Offices shows no sign of slowing and has bucked the trend in the economic turn down, by becoming more popular, in the UK and abroad. A recent report has stated that within the next five years the number of people using serviced offices is set to double, good news indeed for property investors.

The reason for its popularity is mainly based on cost. Start-up companies, in particular don’t want to blow their whole budget on office space and equipment, but at the same time they don’t want to be stuck in some dark and gloomy building on the wrong side of town. Serviced Offices Soho offer the best of both worlds.You pay only for the space you need on a monthly basis. As you don’t have to shell out all your savings on a lease, you can afford to use the money on the rental of a serviced office in a decent area, with modern facilities and at an affordable price.

Some people may argue that buying or leasing an office is a better option for the future, but the number of people now using serviced offices contradicts this opinion. The fact is that Serviced Offices London can provide flexibility, comfort, prestige, great facilities and convenience.


You can rent a serviced office on a monthly basis, which means if your business expands and you need more space, or, you decide you don’t like the location after all; moving is not a problem. There are no lengthy contracts or leases.


A good serviced office will be set in a purpose built office block, or a quality conversion. The furnishings will be modern and comfortable and the equipment will be new and simple to use.


If you want an address that will impress, you can rent a serviced office in an area that is well known for its wealthy residents and its luxurious properties.


Serviced offices normally have a kitchen area and some now have on site Gyms, or are close to Health Clubs or Swimming Pools. Working facilities include photocopiers, secretarial assistance, IT support and a Reception.


Once you’ve found the serviced office space you want to rent. You can literally move in within a day. No waiting around and no wasted time. Just plug in your phone and turn on your computer.